What is an IEEE Project ?

Disclaimer: Ensemble Tech Pvt Ltd, is not associated or affiliated with IEEE, in any way. The IEEE Projects mentioned here are mentioned in the context of student projects, whose ideas are derived from IEEE publications, and not projects of or by IEEE. IEEE is a registered trademark of  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Over the years many students have asked us this question, when they come to us for their projects and we thought a article might be for some help to all the student looking for an answer to the question – What is an IEEE project ?

We all know what IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – as of today IEEE is the foremost technical organization related to electronics, electrical, computer science and all related domains and fields. IEEE’s roles and activities are many but they can be broadly classified into three categories namely

  1. Educational Activities
  2. Standards Development
  3. Publications

Here we are interested in the Publications aspect of IEEE. IEEE organizes many conferences all over the world where the latest technology ideas are presented as papers, and are published in journals and other publications. These papers are collectively called IEEE papers. So essentially each IEEE paper speaks of a new technology innovation / idea / possibility. Since these papers are published by IEEE in its various publications more often than not these papers are of good technical standing. Almost all of these publications are also available online through IEEE Xplore, which is a digital library of IEEE publications.

Coming back to the original question as to what is a IEEE project? – Well any project that derives its core idea from an IEEE paper is generally regarded as a IEEE project. Having said that one must remember that IEEE papers are very often published after years of research and hence it is practically impossible for BE students or even ME students to exactly follow the work done in a IEEE paper for a final year project. In cases like these where the scope of the IEEE paper is beyond the purview of a BE project or a ME project, the student can take up a part of the paper and implement the same. Alternatively sometimes the scope of a single paper might be too small for a worthy final year project, in which case more than one IEEE papers can be taken as base papers.

One more thing that students are generally confused about is the difference between a IEEE base paper and an IEEE reference paper ! Both the terms are self explanatory because an IEEE base paper is a paper on which the fundamental idea of the project is based on. Whereas an reference paper is a additional paper that deals with some smaller aspect of the project. So typically a project has one base paper and possibly many reference papers. Depending on the nature of the IEEE project,  reference papers might be applicable or might not be applicable.

Having know what an IEEE project is and what IEEE base paper and Reference papers are, the next logical question is – How does one go about selecting a IEEE project and a base paper? – We’ll cover that in a separate article.


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  1. Debasmita Kundu says:

    Superb article.
    How does one go about selecting a IEEE project and a base paper?
    Please publish this article soon.

  2. Good explaination about ieee project

  3. krish says:

    how does we select the IEEE projcet reference paper and how to implement by using coding

  4. priya says:

    ieee format is too gud ………………….but most of the students don’t know how to use tis format …………….so pls publish immediately

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    after reading this site i came to know what ieee really means.
    thank u

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    good observation.

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    Thanks to the publisher of this article.. The basic idea of What an IEEE Paper actually mean can be acknowledged here in a simple way.

  8. B.P.S.Ranganath says:

    How to prepare an IEEE Paper?

  9. binu says:

    wht would b we aware before selecting a ieee projects?

  10. binu says:

    wht would b we aware before selecting a ieee paper?

  11. Dinesh says:

    Nice explanation….you said these projects are impossible for BE and ME students….can you tell who are the persons will do these kind of IEEE projects?

  12. nagaraju says:

    what is” base ieee papers seminar abstract”. Al so please send the digital image processing histogram ieee base papers seminar abstract

  13. selva kumar says:

    tanks . i really understand the ieee projects

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    this is very useful to me,because i know about what is ieee…….. its very nice ….thank you

  15. ranjith says:

    thanks…. i am really understand the ieee projects & how to used to my projects

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    it is great ,to engineering student to have such a type of knowledge with IEEE paper

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    it’s very usefull for beginners:-)

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    useful of the title

  19. shruti sharma says:

    m mca 3rd year eng student frm nasik..our college says to select the IEEE project …and do it in company..which it prefers….so m so confused how to do it pls rply fast for my solution on my mail.

  20. ramsundar says:

    Very informative . Please explain this ” How does one go about selecting a IEEE project and a base paper?”

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