Robotics Projects

robotics projects

Robotics in one domain where there is lot of scope for innovation and creativity on the part of the students. Robotics Projects are also popular among graduation students and faculty alike because they offer interesting demonstrations at the end of the project work. A robotic project speaks for itself, and most often than not, does not require much of explaining.

Also with colleges and students looking for implementing projects based on IEEE papers, robotic projects make a good choice because of many IEEE papers being available for robotic projects. Our project list contains many possible robotic project ideas and titles based on the latest IEEE 2013 papers. Students can either implement what is mentioned in the IEEE base paper of choose to use the IEEE paper as a reference paper and improvise over the idea in the IEEE papers.

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Of late with new technologies like GPS, IMU, Semiconductor Gyroscopes and MEMS there are lot of new and very creative applications that can be done with robotics. Projects in robotics can be of different types, either in terms of robotic vehicles that can mode around, or stationary robots like humanoid hands, or robotic arms with multiple degrees of freedom.

With mobile robots there are choices in terms of the navigation capabilities of the robot, as in guided or autonomous navigation systems. Also in terms of the end application, that the robotic vehicle is designed for. They can also vary depending on the electronic payload that they are carrying depending on the application. Hence with all these combinations many different applications can be created.

With stationary robots innovations in their control systems and input devices can be made. For example a robotic arm could be made to follow a real human hand using MEMS and IMUs to replicate the movement of a human hand as close as possible, leading to a humanoid hand. Alternatively robotic projects for high precision applications can also be made for handling chemicals or biomedical applications.

Robotic projects are applicable for various core departments like ECE, EEE, E&I etc. ECE projects in robotics can make use of extensive communication technologies like Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM etc. EEE Projects in Robotics can be used to demonstrate the usage of various electrical machine and special machines like servo motors or hybrid stepper motors. Robotic projects could be for many different applications like defense robot, surveillance robots, safety and security robots, rescue robots etc. Robotic projects can also be used in industrial projects for material handling, process automation and many other applications.

Download Project topics list for the year 2014-15 based on IEEE 2014 papers for final year projects in ECE, EEE, E&I Projects List
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