Electrical Projects

Electrical Projects

We offer a variety of projects for EEE Department and associated departments that are required to do electrical projects. We offer electrical projects under various categories like..

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  • Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Machines
  • Special Machines
  • Power Storage
  • Transmission Systems
  • Industrial Controls
  • Unconventional Power Sources

With the experience we have gained while working with industrial projects, we are in a position to offer student electrical projects in these categories. Moreover we offer both real time projects with working hardware demonstrations and simulation projects using MATLAB for these fields. The projects we offer for the EEE Department are handpicked based on many factors, to ensure that the students have a enriching learning experience. It goes without saying that our electrical projects as well as projects for other departments are based on papers and publications if international repute like IEEE papers. For the current academic year we are offering IEEE electrical projects based on IEEE 2013 papers.

Final year projects for the EEE department are challenging and interesting, both at the same time, because they are very closely associated with real world requirements. For example a power electronics project in motor drives or inverters finds an immediate application in an industry. Similarly a project in distribution systems and networks can address the existing drawbacks of the distribution networks.

Another very interesting field for final year projects in electrical department is projects on unconventional energy resources. For examples of this could be projects in solar energy harvesting or wind energy etc. Real time projects in solar energy are a particularly good choice because they enable hardware demonstration of the projects.

In addition to these options electrical projects in fields like conventional electrical machines and also special machines are also a good option to choose for a final year project. With special machines the students can choose projects in drives or robotics etc. With conventional with conventional machines students can choose projects in innovative controls using high efficiency drives and versatile control strategies.

Another field where good electrical projects are possible is in the form of MATLAB simulation projects. If the students are interested in analyzing the existing systems and coming up with proposals to improve the existing systems, then electrical projects in MATLAB are a good choice. MATLAB electrical projects allow the students more freedom to think of creative new ideas for existing problems. This is particularly true for complicated projects that might not be possible as real time projects.

Download Project topics list for the year 2014-15 based on IEEE 2014 papers for final year projects in ECE, EEE, E&I Projects List
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