IEEE Projects

IEEE Projects

Disclaimer: Ensemble Tech Pvt Ltd, is not associated or affiliated with IEEE, in any way. The IEEE Projects mentioned here are mentioned in the context of student projects, whose ideas are derived from IEEE publications, and not projects of or by IEEE. IEEE is a registered trademark of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IEEE Projects – Everything You Need To Know

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the worlds largest technical organization, involved in all technologies associated with all the domains related to electronics and electrical engineers. Naturally IEEE publishes thousands of various kinds of papers in its various publications. Over the years these papers have become a standard and a bench mark for students to follow, be it for general technical know how or to use as base papers for their projects.

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We at Ensemble Tech, acknowledge this trend and support this trend because most IEEE papers and publications go through a certain evaluation process that to a very large extent ensures that papers published on the IEEE journals and IEEE Xplore  are of a good technical standing. Hence when we add a project to our projects list, or when we suggest a project to a student we make sure that it has references to a IEEE paper. Needless to say technology becomes obsolete very fast and hence its in the best interest of the students that we update our projects list every year with references to the latest IEEE publication. Hence all academic projects for the present year will be based on IEEE 2014 papers.

Having said that students must also acknowledge the fact that many IEEE papers are published by individuals or research teams after years of study and research. While choosing a IEEE based project, the students must carefully evaluate the scope of the paper and the project. Because for most final year BE projects, the time for completion of a project is only one semester or at the maximum the whole final year. This duration might not always be enough if the scope of the base paper is very big.

At Ensemble we have a careful and a through process of studying a IEEE base paper and only after ensuring that the project can be completed, with in the duration, we add the project to our project list. We also ensure that the IEEE project meets other student constraints like ease of demonstration in a college, the total cost of the project etc. We expect the student to give all these various aspects of a project a thought before embarking upon a final year project, if they are planning on choosing a base paper on their own.

Also criteria for the selection a final year IEEE project varies from department to department. For example for ECE projects based on IEEE papers, the students must look at things like the nature of communication technologies used like Zigbee, GPS, GSM etc. Whereas for EEE projects based on IEEE papers, the criteria would be more about how the project can be demonstrated in the college environment. Similarly for IEEE projects in the E&I department, the student should focus on how to better present a project using technologies like Labview and Virtual Instrumentation.

Additionally it is always possible that a project use a IEEE paper as just a reference, where in the IEEE reference paper is used only to derive a project idea, and not the whole project itself. In such cases students can take the paper as only a reference and improve upon the concept mentioned in the paper. This enables the students to add more insight into the project by bringing in their own ideas, thought the project idea might be from a paper.


Download Project topics list for the year 2014-15 based on IEEE 2014 papers for final year projects in ECE, EEE, E&I Projects List
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